Health Minister Mandaviya releases national comprehensive guidelines on post-Covid management

Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya on Thursday, September 23,  released the National Comprehensive Guidelines on post-Covid management. The guidelines will provide complete post-Covid health care guidance for long term. This will help in building the capacity of the doctors, nurses, paramedics and community health workers across India to deal with long-term effects of Covid.

Releasing the National Comprehensive Guidelines, the Union Minister said these modules will provide guidance to doctors and healthcare workers to deal with the issues of long term effects of Covid. Mandaviya said "We have witnessed the consequences of Post-COVID effect in patients due to taking higher doses of steroids like cases of Mucormycosis. It is important to take medicines, with less or negligible side effects. If we are alert beforehand, it will be fruitful in tackling the future consequences of COVID.

Mandaviya noted on social media, "Released National Comprehensive Guidelines on Post-COVID management to give guidance on long-term health issues. This will help health workers prepare for Post-COVID health complications in advance and give suitable treatment to patients." He said these guidelines have been prepared to provide guidance to doctors and healthcare workers to deal with the issue of long term effects of Covid. He said that proactive and comprehensive treatment of Covid is required to ensure minimum side-effects and no negative effect of the treatment.

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