Health Study: Regular exercise reduce risk of pneumonia, death

People who exercise regularly have a lower risk of contracting pneumonia and dying from it, according to a new study. The research was published in the journal 'GeroScience Journal.'

Regular exercise has long been known to lessen the risk, duration, and severity of infectious infections. The Researchers’ earlier study had suggested that regular exercise may be linked to a lower risk of pneumonia, but the results were varied, with some studies reporting evidence of a link and others reporting none.

To re-evaluate the association between regular exercise and the chance of contracting pneumonia, the researchers conducted a pooled analysis of all published studies.

When compared to those who were the least or not physically active, those who exercised regularly had a lower risk of pneumonia and pneumonia-related death. The link was identified between pneumonia cases that did not result in mortality and those that did. Taking into account known characteristics that can affect pneumonia, such as age, sex, BMI, socioeconomic position, alcohol intake, smoking, and pre-existing conditions, the results remained unchanged. The strength of the link was unaffected by age or gender.

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