How to Keep Your Liver Healthy: Drinks That Are Good for Your Liver

Jul 22 2019 09:52 AM
How to Keep Your Liver Healthy: Drinks That Are Good for Your Liver

The liver is a very essential part of our body. It cleans the blood and helps the body to perform many other activities right from digestion. You have to face a lot if there is any difficulty.  Liver infections or malfunctions can cause many diseases like liver cancer, jaundice, and inflammation. For this, we're going to tell you which drinks might be right for you.

1. Gourd- It reduces the increased liver size. Apart from the vitamin A, C, it is beneficial for mineral livers such as magnesium and calcium.

2. Coriander- It improves digestion. This reduces the burden on the liver and keeps it healthy and works well.

3. Turmeric- The anti-inflammatory property liver in it is detoxing and all the dirt is released. This prevents it from getting corrupted.

4. Lemon- It also helps in detoxifying a liver.

Recipe and use
Take a gourd and peel it well and cut it. Cut it into medium-sized pieces and wash it. Add some coriander leaves and grind them well in a mixer. Add the third teaspoon of turmeric and half a lemon juice.

Add black salt to taste to give it a slightly crispy test. Drink this drink one hour after breakfast. Make sure that you don't eat it for an hour after drinking. Also, stay away from fried foods and fast foods for better liver function.

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