Natural and home remedies for migraine relief

Jul 21 2019 08:48 PM
Natural and home remedies for migraine relief

Work pressure, sleeplessness, stress, and a number of factors that can cause a headache. These have become common. To overcome this, people often take drugs which are not good for health. These medicines have a bad effect on the other part of your body. Seek the help of home remedies to eliminate this problem. These natural methods do not have any side effects. But at the same time, always consult your doctor in migraine or more severe headaches.

* Boil a glass of water. Add three or four small pieces of ginger. Cover and boil after two minutes. Now filter it and drink hot.

* Take a cinnamon powder. Mix it in water to make a paste and massage it on the head. This will relax you.

* Clove or clove oil both relieves headache. Heat some cloves and tie them in a cloth and smell it. Massage with clove oil on your forehead if you wish.

* Mix Tulsi leaves and ginger juice and massage it on the forehead. You can also mix these two and drink them if you wish.

* Betel leaves have anti-inflammatory properties with cooling. Take a betel leaf and refrigerate it and cool it. Place it on the head. Repeat three or four times.

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