Know what are the initial syptoms of heart attack
Know what are the initial syptoms of heart attack

People ignore the initial signs of heart disease and the result of this negligence can be fatal. In every six cases of heart disease deaths, people  ignore the initial warning. This was revealed in a survey in Britain some time ago. At the age of 35, the heart related diseases are increasing due to poor lifestyle and unusual eating habits.

Due to busy life and COVID-19 pandemic, people do not have time to keep their body and mind healthy and calm. This is the reason that many types of diseases are being seen in people. The doctors say that after the lockdown, people must now exercise at least half an hour, walk outside. You should stay away from salt, sugar. This reduces the risk of heart disease.

Symptoms of heart attack:
1. Chest pain- pressure in the chest, tightening in the middle of the heart.
2. Pain in other parts of the body- pain from chest to hands (usually affects the left hand, but pain may occur in both hands).
3. Pain jaw, neck, back and abdomen.
4. Feeling disturbed or dizzy.
5. Sweaty.
6. Having trouble breathing.
7. Nausea, feeling like vomiting.
8. Restless feeling.
9. Cough attacks, loud breathing.
10. Although a heart attack often causes severe chest pain, some people complain of only mild pain. In some cases, there is no chest pain, especially in women, the elderly, and patients with diabetes.

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