Heartless father: Hit the son so much that the heart and kidney were torn, half buried in the room and..."

A big news has come from Gariaband district of Chhattisgarh. In fact, a ruthless father drunk here did something like that that your soul will tremble after hearing it. According to the information received in this case, the father killed his 5-year-old child. Yes, according to the news received, the drunken father hit the innocent with so much that the child's kidney and heart were torn apart. At the same time, after killing the child, the father tried to bury him by digging a pit in the room inside the house, but in the meantime the family members reached. After that the accused father fled after seeing the relatives in front. According to the information received in this case, after the complaint, the police arrested the accused late in the evening and sent him to jail.

Regarding this whole matter, Mainpur police station in-charge Harshvardhan Bais told that the accused Rohit Kumar Dhruv, resident of village Themli, just 12 km away from the tehsil headquarters, is a habit of drinking too much alcohol. Every other day, under the influence of alcohol, he used to abuse his children and wife. Not only this, but Rohit had assaulted his wife and children on 26 March and after that his wife went to stay at a relative's house with her daughter and son. At the same time, on the morning of Sunday 27 March, Rohit Kumar Dhruv again drank heavily and called his son Sandeep Kumar Dhruv (5 years) from the relative's house, then the innocent refused to go with the father.

Angered by this, the accused forcibly took the child home with him. After bringing home here, Rohit hit the child with hands, kicks and fists. At the same time, the ruthless father kept on beating the innocent child till he died. According to the information received, the drunken father had buried the child by digging a pit in the house, during this time when the family reached home, the accused Rohit Dhruv escaped. In this case, the police have recovered the body of Sandeep Kumar Dhruv (5 years) and told that there are injury marks at many places on the body of the deceased. In this case, the child's heart and kidney were torn apart and accused Rohit Kumar Dhruv has been arrested and sent to jail.

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