Heart-Wrenching Night: Three Siblings Perish in Ambikapur Hut Fire
Heart-Wrenching Night: Three Siblings Perish in Ambikapur Hut Fire

Raipur: In the village of Barima, located within the Kamleshwarpur police station area of Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh, a heart-wrenching tragedy unfolded late one Saturday night. The tranquility of the evening was shattered by a devastating fire that engulfed the humble hut of a family, claiming the lives of three innocent siblings.

As the night settled in, Sudhani Bai, the mother of the children, lit an earthen stove within their modest dwelling around 9 p.m. She then stepped out momentarily, perhaps to attend to a task or seek assistance from a neighbor. Little did she know that this brief absence would lead to an unimaginable tragedy.

During her short absence, a raging inferno erupted within the confines of the hut, consuming everything in its path with merciless ferocity. Bai returned around 3 a.m., only to be met with a scene of utter devastation. Her cherished home was now a charred shell, and her beloved children were nowhere to be found.

The grief-stricken mother's worst fears were realized as she discovered the fate of her three precious offspring. The flames had mercilessly claimed the lives of Kumari Gulabi, just eight years old, her younger sister Sushma, aged four, and their two-year-old brother, Ram Prasad.

Upon receiving word of the tragic incident, authorities swiftly responded, dispatching a team of police officers to the scene. Initial investigations pointed to the earthen stove as the likely source of the fatal blaze, which rapidly engulfed the entire structure. Authorities launched a thorough inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the fire outbreak, seeking answers to the harrowing questions that lingered in its wake.

Amidst the devastation and loss, the tight-knit community rallied together to offer support and solace to the grieving family. Yet, the scars left by this unfathomable tragedy would endure long after the embers had faded.

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