Here how to repair heels in Rainy season with Vanaspati Ghee
Here how to repair heels in Rainy season with Vanaspati Ghee

It is very important to take care of the feet in the rainy season. The heel gets cracked in rainy season and it make your look worse. The cracking of heel s a common problem. You can use these tips to deal with this problem in case of a foot repair.

* Indian Lilac
It is also known as neem leaves and contains fungicidal elements which prove to be very effective on the cracked aespers. Make neem leaves and turmeric paste and place it on cracked arid leaves and wash them off with hot water for 1 hour.

* Triphala Powder:
Fry the triphala powder in edible oil and thicken the ointments. Apply this paste on cracked legs while sleeping at night. Applying this paste for a few days will fix the cracked heels and make the feet softer.

* Lemon:
Lemon is capable of softening the dry skin that causes the heels to burst. You can add lemon juice directly to the cracked acerfueous cords or add lemon juice to hot water and dip your feet in the water for 15 minutes. Then clean the feet.

* Vegetable oil:
Many vegetable oils are quite beneficial to fix cracked feet. Olive oil, sesame oil, coconut oil can be used. Use them at night before bedtime to get the best results.

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