Eating long bamboo leaves will help you increase height

Jun 05 2021 09:28 AM
Eating long bamboo leaves will help you increase height

Bamboo is also a mine of medicinal properties. Bamboo can also be used as a food, it can be made into pickles which are very effective in winter. Eating this bamboo copules increases the length of the children. Not only this, calcium is also found in large quantities in this bamboo. Eating bamboo copules also strengthens bones.

Benefits of Bamboo -

1- Drinking sugar in the juice of a small bamboo leaf benefits the patient who eats mercury.

2- Mixing vanshlochan powder with honey cures cough and respiratory diseases of children. It is also beneficial to mix bamboo bales with water.

3- Applying soft bamboo leaf juice stops the eye fluttering.

4- Adding 2-3 drops of bamboo flower juice to the ear 3-4 times daily gradually leads to benefits in the disease of deafness.

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