Natural and Easy Tips for a Darker Mehndi Colour

Aug 01 2019 08:08 PM
Natural and Easy Tips for a Darker Mehndi Colour

There are many benefits of applying mehndi that you may not know about. The Teej festival definitely includes the color of mehndi in women's makeup. But henna looks beautiful only when it is dark in color. Sometimes it doesn't get colored and you don't like it again. You may need to work a little harder to get these colors of mehndi. We're telling you 5 tips that can help you darker the color of your mehndi. So let's know about those tips.

Allow Mehndi to last for a long time
Try to make Mehndi engaged overnight for 7-8 hours. If possible, keep it on for up to 12 hours. This brings the color of mehndi darker.

Use of lemon and sugar
The biggest advantage of using lemon and sugar is that it allows mehndi to stick to your palm as long as you want to keep it. This darker the color of the mehndi. Soak the cotton ball in a batter of sugar and lemon juice and apply it on the mehndi with light hands.

Take clove smoke on the palms
Place some cloves in a pan after applying sugar and lemon solution. Then carefully turn your mehndi palms into the pan. Let the smoke appear on the mehndi. Note that the sugar-lemon solution will also dry up by doing so.

Do not wash hands
Applying mehndi is a very patient thing. Most of us face a lot of difficulty in keeping mehndi for 8-10 hours. So quickly wash it with water or soap. This does not darker your henna color and quickly disappears.

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