Here are the top 5 'WWE wrestler of the year' 2017
Here are the top 5 'WWE wrestler of the year' 2017

This year 2017, has been a great year in WWE. The year, as like any other, has seen many ups and down. We have seen a number of classic matches this year,some name wise and some quality wise. Many superstars showed what they are capable of if given the chance. Since we are just one month away from bidding bye to 2017, let's take a look at who are the top five superstars of who created a buzz throughout 2017.


5. Bobby Roode


Bobby Roode was a welcome and glorious addition to Smackdown Live but has been criminally under utilized ever since his main roster debut. Bobby Roode is a name known to each and every pro wrestling fan all over the world. Thus, a wrestler and performer of his stature should be the mainstay of a company instead of being just another mid-carder.


4. Jinder Mahal



Although not the most popular choice in the list, Jinder Mahal has seen the whole landscape change upside down. From losing to Mojo Rowley to holding the WWE championship for 170 days, Mahal has had a fantastic year.  


3. Roman Reign


Roman Reigns could not compete at the TLC PPV due to an illness. He however returned and faced The New Day at Survivor Series PPV as part of the Shield in a winning effort. On 21 November, Roman Reigns defeated The Miz to become the 17th Grand Slam champion.


2. Braun Strowman



Strowman faced Brock Lesnar at Summerslam PPV in a fatal four way also involving Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe. "The Moster Among Men" was the shining part of the match and then ultimately challenged Lesnar in a one on one match at No Mercy PPV.


1. AJ Styles

AJ Styles started the year as the WWE Champion. However, he lost the title to John Cena in the very first PPV of 2017, Royal Rumble. His match with Cena will probably go down as the best match of 2017 in WWE but dream match against Brock Lesnar had change everyone perception.  


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