Here is a list of four top young Indian authors who are most exciting to watch out for!
Here is a list of four top young Indian authors who are most exciting to watch out for!

Abhishek Kapoor

Author Abhishek Kapoor is undoubtedly the foreseeable pillar of Indian Literature. While his debut novel The Selfish Betrayals electrically thrilled each one of its readers, his light-hearted book, The Pride of t20 cricket made them giggle regularly. The fictional plots of both his Amazon bestselling books are based in his hometown, Kanpur. Author Abhishek Kapoor is an engineer by education and an entrepreneur by profession. The highly praiseworthy journey of the transformation of an occasional reader Abhishek Kapoor to being India's top young author can inspire many. Staggering versatility, ceaseless diligence, glaring consistency, and suave competence are often associated with author Abhishek Kapoor. A majority of the readers of his books wish to see their favorite author, Abhishek Kapoor's books converted to web series.

Padmaja Bharti

She is currently the author of two bestseller books at Amazon, Wondering of Indian International Ethics and Rhime of Time. Her writing habit developed at the age of 13 but never got a chance to explore it, but now when she is free, she has started writing poetry, and her areas of interest are non-fictional and social issues.  She is Padmaja Bharti, graduated from NIFT, and pursuing M.A in Literature. She does have a questioning mind and always learning habits, which she has beautifully portrayed in her poetry book, "Rhime of Time," which is a compilation of her many sights and her connection with mother Nature. However, her book "Wondering of Indian International Ethics" elaborates Indian ethics and our global ethical relationships.

Sonia Sahijwani

A law graduate working as a legal officer for a PSU and a writer by passion, Sonia Sahijwani is the author of two successful books that have created a great impact in the Indian Literary World. Yours Legally is a collection of short stories inspired by true events and belongs to a new genre in Indian Fiction Writing: Legal Fiction Short Stories. It is also available in audio format and will soon release in Hindi under the title Aapki Sia LLB. Baby on Board is her honest account of her journey towards parenthood which aims to challenge and break the age-old myths and perceptions surrounding pregnancy in our society. She has recently been awarded the coveted 'Dr. Sarojini Naidu International Award for Working Women-2020' by the Asian Academy of Awards in collaboration with AAFT, ICMEI, and Global Literary Festival, Noida.

Abishek Balakumar

Abishek CB is the co-owner of CVR Green Grocer- Chengalpattu. This Chennai lad is the son of Balakumar CR and Vijayalakshmi B. He released He Shrugged Unapologetically with the moral support of his elder sister Ishwarya CB. As a Reader in Government School, he supports underprivileged children. With the help of his family, he educated their domestic workers’ children. He often had a thought of why Indian black and brown children not seeing themselves reflected in the books and characters which impacted him, and he loved so dearly all kids which have been inspired to create art and meaningful stories so that underrepresented children can see themselves in books. He is excited about the overlap between art and writing. His next book will be Children's book – Chapter books or Early readers depends on how God drives him. As an author and speaker, he heroes those who feel stuck and powerless and show them how to regain their self-belief and motivation.

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