Here's How Tough Times Brought Artist Aikarth Purohit Closer To Music

Aikarth Purohit is a renowned musician-singer in India. The artist hails from Rajasthan's Udaipur and started his musical journey in the year 2013. Ever since he took the first step towards his big dreams, there has been no looking back. In these eight years, Aikarth has delivered numerous hit solo projects, big collaborations and started his music studio.

In 2016, Aikarth launched Baselard Studios, which is one of the leading studios in Rajasthan. He is an engineering drop out who chased his passion for music and excelled in it. Aikarth has seen lots of challenges in his life. But his devotion towards the art and his quest to grow kept him strong and helped him flourish.

Aikarth Purohit had been in a major accident years ago, and his right leg was severely injured. At that time, everyone around him was worried about his future. But it was music that helped him stay motivated and kept him strong. The musician shares, "During all these circumstances, what supported me was my passion for music. So, I asked my parents to allow me for Sound Engineering in Mumbai. Due to all the previous problems and being under the pressure of relatives to go with good degree courses, I was again in a dilemma.

The music producer added, "Then, after this chaos, I joined the B.C.A. and continued with my music practice here itself. And, with the gradual sessions, composing, and studies too. I came out as a graduate as well a Full-time Musician and Guitarist."

The artist's dedication helped him with an opportunity to work with renowned musical gems like Mohit Lalwani, Baawle Chore and also one of India's top music label Zee Music Company. Aikarth Purohit has composed songs for Rajasthani movies, has done more than 200 concerts and live shows and was also a part of dubbing for Kartik Aaryan and Sara Ali Khan's Love Aaj Kal. 

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