Here people follow some strange rituals of marriage
Here people follow some strange rituals of marriage

There are variations on step-by-step in the world. Some are such weird ones that you hardly have heard or read about. Today we are telling you about the same strange tradition of the three major countries of the world, which will surprise you. 

We are talking about strange traditions of weddings in America, France, and Greece. Yes, these three countries are from developed countries, but strange rituals are performed in the weddings of which you will be surprised too.

America -

America is one of the superpower countries. But there is such a custom of marriage which seems strange to itself. In this developed country, women are not so freed that they can get rid of their bad teeth to artificial teeth. 

Yes, you may be thinking that putting artificial teeth is a common thing, then in a country like America, women can not take artificial teeth. That's because if the husbands of those women do not want to put fake teeth, they are not allowed to do this, this is the custom here.

France -

There is such a custom about marriage, that if the girl's fiancee dies after the engagement, then the girl has to stay forever with the boy's family. In the tradition that started during World War I, if a girl is engaged and if for some reason the boy dies before marriage, then the girl has to get married to a deceased spouse and all the life is with her family. Have to spend.

Greece -

If you are married then you will only invite your relatives or people of knowledge in the wedding but this is not the case in Greece, here is a public announcement of marriage. 

Everyone is invited to the wedding. For this, the advertisement has to be printed in the newspaper so that all the people can join the marriage. Also, in the second part of Greece, marriage information is written on paper and is hung on the main door of the city.

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