Here the male-goat gives milk, by seeing this all are surprised
Here the male-goat gives milk, by seeing this all are surprised

The wonders of science we keep listening and watching everyday. Apart from women, men are now also giving birth to children.  However, there is nothing specific about whether they are correct or not. But here we're talking about animals that are coming to hear more shocking. You may have ever seen a new male goat milking. Today, here we're going to tell you a unique case.

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In fact, there is a small village 'Babara' in the Amreli district of Gujarat, which often makes headlines due to milking male goats. Media have come here because of a male goat. Where male goats give milk. Here, the mahants of the temple had some female goats to overcome the shortage of milk. In which it was a wonderful male goat. According to Mahant Seema ram Bapu, till a few months ago it was an ordinary male goat.

The doctor is also surprised to see the goat milking:

Veterinary doctor Dr. R.C. Panchal said after examining the "king" (the goat) that he has also seen such a goat for the first time. This change in goats has come from the change of hormones. There is no confirmation on how accurate the case is now.

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