Here’s the Success story of Indian Entrepreneurs Sandip Ghosh and Pankaj Dhir Singh Chundawat You Should Now

One has to do hard work in life to achieve greater success. Some people have the advantage of luck with them and some don’t. Some people get success without facing any major challenges whereas some have to face tons of challenges and put effort to taste success. Sandip Ghosh and Pankaj Dhir Singh Chundawat, the young Indian Entrepreneur has faced too many challenges and struggle in their entrepreneurial journey. 

Born in a small village in Alipurduar District, Hamiltonganj, West Bengal. Like many teenagers in India, Sandip Ghosh (27) was earlier clueless about his future and career. In his childhood, he didn’t have any particular goal in his life. He was born and bought up in a middle-class family, and like any sincere son, he would help his family members with daily chores. Sandip Ghosh also tried earning some money by starting some offline business in his local area to support his family. But he was determined to do some worthwhile work in his life. 

During his college days, he was introduced to the basic concept of the Digital Marketing world that fascinated him. He liked the concept and decided to work as a digital marketer. Finally, he got the purpose of his life.

Pankaj Dhir Singh Chundawat is a 25-year-old Celebrity Manager, digital marketer, and well-renowned author. Pankaj Dhir conducts live sessions to teach youngsters about the importance of digital marketing in today’s world and how to make a career out of it. He has inspired hundreds and thousands of youngsters like him in India to chase their dreams. Since the past few years, a lot has changed in the life of Pankaj Dhir Singh Chundawat. It’s all because of his determination and passion toward his goals that have not only made him a millionaire but have also made him a renowned name in the field of digital marketing.

Individuals like Sandip Ghosh and Pankaj Dhir Singh Chundawat have taken this as an opportunity to help entrepreneurs generate revenue through creative marketing techniques. As a Digital entrepreneur Sandip and Pankaj themself, Sunny started their journey in digital Marketing in 2015 and has never looked back since then. The entrepreneurial journey of Sandip and Pankaj is exciting but filled with a lot of challenges and struggles. 

People like Sandip Ghosh and Pankaj Dhir Singh Chundawat are a living example of leading a successful and happier life and an inspiration for clueless youngsters worldwide.

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