High alert across the country after al-Qaeda threatens to carry out 'suicide attack'
High alert across the country after al-Qaeda threatens to carry out 'suicide attack'

New Delhi: The dreaded Islamic terror group Al Qaeda, after instigating Muslims in the country, is now engaged in a conspiracy to fulfil its dangerous designs. The country has been put on high alert after al Qaeda threatened suicide attacks in several cities of India. Seeing the opportunity in the midst of the hijab controversy in Karnataka, Al-Qaeda had jumped in support of the hardliners. It has now warned of fidayeen attacks after inciting Muslims across the country over the alleged insult to Islam's Prophet Muhammad.

In fact, after the ban on the use of hijab in schools in Karnataka and loudspeakers in Uttar Pradesh, cases increased in the court over the demolition of temples in the country and illegally built mosques, then an issue was made about the Prophet. The fanatics feel that by making such a nuisance, the people and the courts will be scared and will start working under their pressure. In order to build an amosphere in their favour, the fundamentalists spoiled the atmosphere of the country and Islamic terrorist organizations like the Islamic State (ISIS) and al-Qaeda were sitting in the search of this. On June 6, Al-Qaeda issued a threat letter saying it would launch terrorist attacks in Delhi, Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat to "fight for the honour of the Prophet".

Al Qaeda's official website says, "Saffron terrorists should now wait for their end in Delhi, Bombay, UP and Gujarat. They have to take shelter neither in their homes nor in the cantonments of their fortified army. Intelligence sources have said that this threat cannot be taken lightly.'' Therefore, instructions have been given to inter-link the police of all the States. This is the first time that Al-Qaeda has clearly named the places. Al-Qaeda cadres are also present in India. So he wants some anti-social elements to come under his influence after seeing the current situation and carrying out the lone-wolf attack. Sources say that for this, its cadres can also arrange funds together.

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