High Alert! Overconsumption of Green Tea has Side effects…read inside

Apr 18 2019 03:56 PM
High Alert! Overconsumption of Green Tea has Side effects…read inside

Green tea is called a healthy powerhouse that has been consumed by a mass of people across the world. This green herb tea, made from tea plant known as Camellia sinensis, is said to have a great impact on weight loss and have various health benefits. Green tea was first used in China as a medicinal herb, today it’s become a healthy elixir that millions of people across the world consume each day.

However, along with benefits, Green tea also has its side effects. Thousands of studies conducted by researchers and scientists on Green tea has revealed its side effects.


Although green tea is generally considered safe and has several proven health benefits like lower cholesterol, protection against heart disease, cancer prevention you will be shocked to know some of the health risks by consuming green tea.

Stomach Problems:

Green tea also has caffeine line other types of tea, though, in a lower amount, it still can cause problems. Caffeine increases the amount of acid involved in the digestive process. This can cause pain or nausea.


Like stomach ache, caffeine in green tea may also cause mild to severe headaches. Due to iron deficiency, headaches can be caused, which could occur through excessive intake of green tea. Green tea can also cause dizziness.


According to an Indian study, green tea can cause oxidative stress. As green tea has caffeine, its excessive intake can trigger nausea and vomiting. According to reports, if moderate amounts of caffeine consumption, that are noted to be 300 to 400 mg per day, exceeds than it can result in certain side effects, including vomiting.

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Skin Allergies:

Among other side effects of green tea’s over-consumption are eczema and hives. One can also experience a tingling sensation on the facial skin, lips, tongue, or even in the throat.


If you are a beginner to consume green tea, it might cause diarrhoea. Also, loose stools could be one of the mild side effects, due to the caffeine in the green tea.

Liver Disease:

Overconsumption of green tea and its supplements can lead to liver damage and disease. As per reports, experts believe this could happen due to the presence of caffeine in green tea that can stress the liver.

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