High Court Calls Out Delhi Administration For Failing to Control Dengue Fever & Populist Policies

New Delhi: In Delhi, there is no scarcity of dengue fever cases. Dengue fever cases are increasing by the day. The Delhi High Court has recently become more stringent in its handling of these escalating instances. In fact, the Delhi High Court has chastised the administration for the city's escalating dengue fever incidence and issued a harsh remark.

In fact, according to the Delhi High Court, "The government has come to a full standstill. Let me inform you that counsel Rajat Aneja has been designated as amicus curiae in the case by the Delhi High Court. Today, the Delhi High Court stated, "Every year, the city faces a large-scale mosquito breeding menace, resulting in ailments like as malaria, chikungunya, and dengue fever. However, the administrators are unable to govern the administration, and policies are formed solely on the basis of populism.'


"There is no problem, no responsibility over dengue," the Delhi High Court said at the same time. If that happens, dengue fever will appear and disappear, people will die, and since we have such a vast population, no one would notice. Our city will change drastically if elections are held on genuine concerns, yet they are being held on them, so is it free?' According to the latest information, six more persons died in Delhi from dengue fever on Monday. According to reports, 15 individuals have died so far this year, the greatest number in the prior six years. In reality, 10 people had died in the first half of 2016.

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