Himachal has highest number of child marriage cases
Himachal has highest number of child marriage cases

Shimla: Earlier child marriage was very prevalent in the country, but as time changed, the practice of child marriage also came to an end. But even though child marriage is considered a big crime in the country, 36 panchayats of Sirmaur city remain the bastion of child marriage. The figures obtained by the Himachal Police from the Child Line Sirmaur district are telling the same thing. There are six blocks in the city where 189 child marriages have been registered in five years so far.

This is the case that has come under the supervision of the government system. A large number of cases abstain from monitoring the system. The Himachal Police has now asked the Women and Child Development Department to share this data and take appropriate steps. DGP Sanjay Kundu visited Sirmaur city. Due to this, it was found that the practice of child marriage is very effective in six blocks Renukai, Nahan, Pachad, Shilai, Paonta Sahib and Rajgarh in Giripar area of the city.

There is no restriction on this. On the orders of the DGP, CID found out, then the data from ChildLine showed that 25 child marriage cases have been registered so far in 2020 itself. 49 cases have been reported in 2019, 51 in 2018, 41 in 2017 and 23 in 2016. Giving information, DGP Sanjay Kundu said, the CID has written a letter to the Director Women and Child Development asking them to take appropriate steps. The local Khumli system has emerged as the main reason behind the CID's inspection of child marriage. 

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