Hijab ban in schools in Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim country, why is there controversy in India itself?

New Delhi: Muslims in Karnataka insist that the girls of their house wear hijab/burqa to go to school/college and not follow the uniform rules in educational institutions. Describing it as mandatory in Islam, a debate is also being held in the Karnataka High Court. But, in the meantime, he forgot that Indonesia, the world's largest Islamic country, has banned schools from making the hijab compulsory. There were protests all over the country after non-Muslims were forced to wear the hijab, after which these rules had to be made.

In more than 20 provinces of Indonesia, many schools have made the hijab mandatory under the uniform of schoolgirls. This rule was applicable not only to girl students, but also to female teachers. Let us tell you that 6 religions are officially recognized in Indonesia, but 86.7 percent of the population there is Muslim. Now the schools there cannot make any religious dress a part of the uniform. The controversy started after a school in West Sumatra asked non-Muslims to wear the hijab as well. One of the girl's parents started the protest, which spread across the country. After this, in February 2021, strict steps were taken by the government there.

Indonesia's Minister of Religious Affairs Yaqut Chollil Koumas said that the case of West Sumatra was just visible, but there were many more such cases. He had said that the freedom of another person cannot be violated in the name of religion. The government had taken such a big decision after a video of a Christian girl being forced to wear a hijab. After a video of a 16-year-old girl went viral, the Indonesian government gave schools a month to lift the hijab/burqa-related rules. A rule was made that action would be taken against the schools which did not follow it and they would have to pay a fine. The Indonesian government recognized that this is an individual right and schools cannot decide in this regard. On the other hand, today in Karnataka, Muslim girls in Karnataka are fighting and shouting at their parents for not getting admission in the school in hijab.

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