His wife brought his own husband to death, he will be surprised to know the reason

Rajgarh: Many heart-wrenching cases are coming to the fore every day across the country, meanwhile a case has come to the fore from Rajgarh district of MP, in which a wife killed her husband due to illicit relations. Together with her lover, the woman carried out this incident. However, a broken mobile phone found in the house exposed the murder. The police have taken both of them into custody. Rajgarh SP Pradeep Sharma said, Ramdinesh Meena (30) was brutally murdered in his own house in Beriyakhedi village of Suthalia police station area on the night of 21 and 22 January. When the police started the investigation, the first suspicion went to the wife, because at the time when Dinesh was murdered, his wife was also sleeping in the house. Even the police was not able to digest this thing that someone should go away after killing the husband while the wife was in the house and the wife did not come to know.

In this incident, when the police station in-charge Ramkumar Raghuvanshi investigated closely, he found a broken mobile on the spot, due to which he got suspicious. When the police rigorously interrogated Jyoti, the wife of the deceased, a shocking revelation came to light in this case of murder. Actually, the criminal woman Jyoti Meena (25) told that she had illicit relations with Chain Singh Lodha (35), who lived in her village. The woman was given a phone by her lover Chain Singh Lodha, from which she used to talk to him frequently. But one day the husband caught her talking on the phone and broke the phone. There was a lot of quarrel between the two about this. When Jyoti told this to her lover, she brought another new phone and gave it to the woman. Then both of them together hatched a conspiracy to kill Dinesh Meena.

According to the police, on the night of January 21-22, when the husband Ramdinesh had slept on the cot, the criminal woman along with her two children slept in a room on the second floor. The same night, the woman called her lover to the house and killed her husband by continuously attacking her on the head with a stick. The police have arrested the criminal woman Jyoti Meena and lover Chain Singh Lodha in this case. Along with this, legal proceedings have also been started in the matter. The people around are surprised to know about this incident.

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