HIV Cases in Kerala Remain a Concern Despite Lower Mortality Rates
HIV Cases in Kerala Remain a Concern Despite Lower Mortality Rates

Thiruvananthapuram: The Health Department's recent report reveals a concerning trend in Kerala, with 1,046 individuals testing positive for HIV this year. Although the death rate has dropped compared to previous years, the number of infected patients remains notably high.

The figures, spanning from January to October, highlight that out of 13,54,875 individuals examined, including 6,48,142 males, 7,01,979 females, and 4,753 transgenders, 797 men, 240 women, and nine transgenders were diagnosed with HIV.

The Health Department expressed worry over the sustained prevalence, noting that despite a lower mortality rate than the previous year's 157 cases, 103 individuals have tested positive from January to October. Shockingly, children are also among those affected by AIDS.

Kerala, with a relatively low HIV infection concentration of 0.06 compared to the national average of 0.22 among adults, has still seen a steady influx of cases. Palakkad and Thrissur districts register the highest number of AIDS cases in the state.

The state has initiated the 'One to Zero' campaign aimed at achieving zero new HIV infections by 2025, with a strategic target of 95:95:95. This initiative emphasizes ensuring 95 percent of people who test positive report their HIV status, marking a significant step in curbing the spread.

AIDS, caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), compromises the immune system, leaving infected individuals vulnerable to infections. HIV transmission occurs through sexual contact, blood donation, and from infected mothers to their babies.

The Health Department urges continued vigilance and proactive measures to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS within the state, emphasizing the importance of awareness, testing, and adherence to preventive measures to achieve the ambitious goal of zero new infections.

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