Hold your breathe to see this bridges !
Hold your breathe to see this bridges !

You have travelled through many perilous roads in your life time but if such roads are constructed on dangerous bridges, you need guts to pass through. Take a look at such bridges:

1. Baldrau river crossings, Pakistan:The bridge is uniquely made with rope and bamboo. Now a school's construction is in process there, so there will probably a new cable bridge will construct.

Image result for Baldrau river crossings, Pakistan

2. Ghasa bridge, Nepal:The Ghasa bridge looks very dangerous at first glance. Though people all the day use this bridge and wandering their for fun.

Image result for Ghasa bridge, Nepal

3. Ashima Ohashi, Japan:Ashima Ohashi is the hilarious bridge in Japan constructed on nakaumi lake. To drive vehicle on the roads pass through this is not quite easy.

Image result for Eshima Ohashi, JapanImage result for Eshima Ohashi, Japan

4. Trift Lake Bridge, Switzerland:This bridge is constructed at height of 300 feet. The bridge can be only used by pedestrian. As Trift Lake Bridge is 550 feet long so fear is obvious.

Image result for Trift Lake Bridge, Switzerland

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