In Holi: Do these remedies, all kind of problem will resolved

Holi is considered to be very important religiously and joyously. It is believed that spiritual practices or remedies performed on this day prove to be very fruitful. This time the festival of Holi will be celebrated on 28 and 29 March 2021. If there is any danger in your life too, then you can overcome these problems by trying some special astrological measures on Holiday. Learn about some such measures here.

1. If you are suffering from financial, mental, physical, or any other kind of problem then there is a remedy that can be helpful in removing any kind of problem. For this, you have to buy a coconut. Before Holika Dahan, you take bath and wear clean clothes. After this, remove the coconut from your top seven times. After that, after meditating on your favorite God in your mind, pray to him to remove your problems and put these coconuts in that fire at the time of Holika Dahan. After this, revolve around the fire seven times and request God to remove the trouble again. While doing this remedy, you can wish to remove any problem.

2. If there is a lot of money in your house, then worship Goddess Lakshmi duly at home or in the temple on Holiday. Recite Vishnu Sahasranama in front of her and beg to remove their problem. After this, donate something to the needy according to the ability.

3. If you feel the negativity around your house or house after Holika Dahan brings the ashes there and spread them on the door and on every corner of the house.

4. If a person has a lot of anger in the house, from the day of Holi, for three consecutive days, throw a handful of salt from his head seven times and throw it outside the house. It will make a lot of difference.

5. If you are unable to get married, then on the day of Holi, take a whole betel leaf and place a lump of turmeric and a whole betel nut on it. After this, go to the temple and dedicate it to Shivalinga and worship it with God. Keep in mind that these measures should be done in a secret manner. While returning from the temple, do not look back.

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