Video: Holi in Vrindavan, you will be happy to see the sight
Video: Holi in Vrindavan, you will be happy to see the sight

The festival of Holi is celebrated with pomp and show everywhere, but in Vrindavan, the view of Holi is the most different. Here Lord Krishna is considered to be the symbol of love and Sri Krishna used to celebrate Holi with colours in Mathura and since then the tradition of celebrating the festival of Holi as a festival of colours started. In such a situation, Holi is celebrated in all these places. It is said that Sri Krishna used to play Holi with his friends in Vrindavan and Gokul. Gradually this festival has taken the form of a community event.

Due to this, even today, the festival of Holi in Vrindavan is unmatched. Here's a video that you can watch. By the way, there is also a belief about Holi that Holi is a spring festival that says goodbye to winter. At the same time, in some parts, festivals are also associated with the spring harvest. In fact, after seeing their reserves full of new crops, farmers celebrate Holi as a part of their happiness. Because of this, Holi is also known as the 'Vasant Mahotsav.' You can see how fierce the crowd is in the video that is eager to celebrate Holi. The colour of Holi is visible to everyone and everyone is looking happy.

Let us tell you all that here on the fifth day of Holi, we also celebrate the festival of colours on Rang Panchami. Yes and this day is known as 'Parva' and it is the last day of the festival of Holi. On this day, colourful powder and water are poured on each other and Radha and Krishna and gods and goddesses are worshipped and painted with colours.

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