Hollywood actress lost life when Police shot her for showing a toy gun
Hollywood actress lost life when Police shot her for showing a toy gun

The police shot an actress in Southern California after a toy gun was shown by famous Hollywood actress Vanessa Marquez. According to the information, the police reached the house of Vanesa's South Pasadena for questioning on Thursday where the conversation between the police and the Vanessa lasted for about 1.5 hours. Meanwhile, Vanessa took out his toy gun and tapped the police. After some time the police shoot Vanessa.

However, after the bullet was shot, the police came to know that Vanessa's gun in hand was actually a toy gun. Vanessa was ill since 2005. She had a problem of heavy depression and later she was also an OCD and a got into the grasp of addiction. This was revealed by Vanessa in a 2005 TV series 'Intervention'.

It was believed that after this show, she would get rid of his mental problems, but nothing like that happened. According to a news from CBS Local, a neighbor had told the police that Vanessa's mental condition has worsened more than ever before.

Talking about her work front, Vanessa had worked in many shows. She first appeared in the 1988 Teacher's Drama Film Stand and Deliver. In addition to that, he was part of Famous TV Series ER from 1994 to 1997.

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