Hollywood singer Sia says, 'Parenting is annoying as well as good'

Jan 06 2021 02:05 PM
Hollywood singer Sia says, 'Parenting is annoying as well as good'

Hollywood's known singer and actress Sia always remains in the discussion. She had adopted 2 little boys a few years ago, said, "Parenting is a task that involves a lot of trouble. It is such an act, by which you feel yourself as if you have got the gift of something." According to media reports, Sia said on 'The Project', "This job is very difficult. It also hurts and brings joy. I have to remind them all the time that I'm not going anywhere and I love them I think it's scary to say to someone that I will always love you, even though you have lived in 28 houses all your life. "

Continuing her talk, she said, "The best thing I've done so far is motherhood. It's one of the hardest things to do, but for that, I have a deep sea of love and it's only for a while not for now. Now I plan to work for infants. Maybe their mother is a drug addict and I will take care of them until she comes back to them. If I can do it then I think I'll consider myself a superhuman. "

Sia has now become a grandmother, as one of her sons become a father in the year 2020. Regarding her responsibilities as a grandmother, she has given a statement, "I have decided to stop talking about it. I realized that not all things have to be shared with the world. I have realized that I don't want to talk about personal life. I'm learning to be a mother. "

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