Know these important things before buying a microwave

Nov 27 2019 10:14 AM
Know these important things before buying a microwave

If you are planning to buy a microwave oven, then definitely keep these things in mind. Sale takes place in the festive season because the shopkeepers want to sell their goods. Also everyone gets a bonus in this season. It takes a festive season sale to get part of this bonus. But some things are taken care of while buying things in this cell. Especially when buying a microwave, then take care of some things.

First of all, know how many types of microwaves are there. Microwaves are of three types. So first of all, decide what kind of microwave you want.

Convection Microwave - This is the most advanced version of the microwave. You can use it all the way. It is used for everything from barbecue to cooking. It is a bit expensive. But it is best. It is priced between Rs 9,000 and Rs 25,000.

Grill Microwave (18-28 liters) - This solo is completely separate from the microwave. You can also bake, grill and toast in it. You will currently find it in the market with prices ranging from Rs 5,000 to Rs 15,000.

Solo / Conventional Microwave (19–23 liters) - This microwave is small and you can operate it easily. Its price is also not high and it comes easily in everyone's budget. In this, except for baking and grilling, it can be used for basic tasks like defrosting food and heating food. Such microwaves can be found in 4000 to 5000 rupees. These microwaves are perfect for bachelors and if you are living in the city then it is also best for you.

Conventional VS Convection

Now you must be thinking what is the difference between Conventional and Convection. Conventional microwaves use basic microwave technology to release hot air to heat food. Convection microwaves on the other hand also have a fan with a heating element to circulate hot air into the oven. Due to which the food cooks equally. Of the three microwaves, Solo Microwave and Convection Microwave are currently the most popular in the market.

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