Home remedies for Dry Scalp help to make your hairs healthy and bouncy
Home remedies for Dry Scalp help to make your hairs healthy and bouncy

There are several causes to dry scalp. The first and most obvious is lack of moisture, hydration and nourishment. When the skin near the roots of your hair does not get enough moisture and nourishment, the scalp becomes dry. Genetics are another reason for dry scalp. If the women in your family are prone to dryness, you’re likely to be affected by it too, even if you take reasonably good care of your hair. In this case, you’ll need to go that extra mile and focus on perfecting your hair care regime.

Use tea tree oil or witch hazel to treat dry scalp effectively

The benefits of tea tree oil for skin are well-documented, but it is also a fabulous remedy for scalp health. It can be used on its own, or with another carrier oil, or in a shampoo, to treat dry scalp effectively. It nourishes the roots and scalp, and in addition to its hydrating properties, it is also a natural antimicrobial, unclogs the hair follicles of impurities, prevents and treats dead cell formation on the scalp, and is a natural conditioner for the roots of your hair.

Have a regular warm oil massage, to prevent dry scalp

Coconut oil: This age-old remedy has stood the test of time! It works on all hair types, is locally available and affordable. Coconut oil is perhaps the most ideal for Indian skin types and climatic conditions, to address scalp issues. Rich in medium chain fatty acids, these contain antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that not only moisturise but weed out any infections that could be causing dry scalp. It is especially rich in lauric acid, which boosts cellular health and can prevent loss of protein, all of which result in a healthy, hydrated scalp. For best results, try and use organic extra virgin coconut oil, which offers its benefits in the purest form.

Castor oil: The oil extracted from castor seeds has many health benefits, but is particularly good for hair health. If you have exceptionally dry scalp, castor oil is ideal; it penetrates well into the scalp, and the essential fatty acids present to ensure that the pH balance of the scalp is maintained well. This prevents the occurrence of dandruff and flaky skin, and also boosts blood circulation under the scalp, ensuring healthy, balanced skin. 

Argan oil: Extracted from the kernels of the argan tree, found in Morocco, argan oil is non-native to India but has been catching up recently and for good reason. It is replete with both vitamin E and antioxidants, making it the perfect ingredient to get rid of dry scalp. It can soothe dryness, reducing inflammation.

Pro tip: Warm a small amount of either argan, castor or extra virgin coconut oil to moisturise the scalp and hydrate it, ensuring smooth, nourished skin, and balanced pH levels.

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