Try these home remedies to heal wounds, Know more

Sep 08 2019 01:48 PM
Try these home remedies to heal wounds, Know more

You may get hurt while running and rushing towards things in haste. The skin gets scratched or the skin is cut off anywhere. This happens every day with children. This small injury hurts a lot. But any minor injury to children should not be ignored. We are going to tell you some easy methods which will remove your injuries.

Homemade treatment of mild and minor injuries
1. Whenever the skin is cut or scratched, use aloe vera gel for it. It helps in quick drying of every wound. Take aloe vera and remove the gel from the middle. Apply this gel on your wound, you will get relief immediately.

2. Vinegar is used not only for cooking but also as an antiseptic for wounds. You can also use it on your injuries. It hurts and sometimes it burns on the scar and it causes irritation. However, once applied to the wound, the wounds heal quickly. Avoid using an overdose, as it can cause skin irritation for a long time. Apply one or two drops with the help of cotton to the wound.

3. When there is enough blood on the injury, then the use of tea bag stops bleeding. It also heals wounds quickly.

4. Turmeric is the panacea for many diseases. It is a natural antiseptic. It does not allow the infection to spread in the wound. Applying turmeric paste on the injury is very effective. The wound heals quickly.

5. If the skin has been peeled, first clean it with water. Now put honey on it. It is very effective. Apart from this, honey can be used in swelling as well. 

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