Yoga is harmful for these people

Sep 08 2019 02:59 PM
Yoga is harmful for these people

Yoga is more than 6000 years old, and its popularity is continuously increasing. In today's time, this yoga has become very popular and with these people keep themselves healthy. Women are teaching yoga for different purposes. Some want to make their body strong and flexible, while some want to maintain their youth and health. Today we tell you what are its benefits and which ones should not be done.

Everyone wants a slim figure, more flexibility, sexy and maintains their mood better. After practising yoga, many self-confidence improves, and the mind also calms down. The set of yoga exercises completely affects all the muscles including the deep muscles of the body. In yoga, the emphasis is on proper breathing and strengthening of the back and press muscles.

Some asanas are particularly useful for women. The health and well-being of every woman depending on the hormonal background and its differences. Yoga is very beneficial for the health of women. Yoga treats spinal diseases, asthenia, vegetative-vascular, stress-induced nervous disorders (including fatigue and insomnia).

Who should not do yoga

But not everyone knows that yoga is not suitable for everyone, in some cases, yoga can also negatively affect human health. Overuse of yoga can cause arthritis. This disease is also caused by stretching exercises.

It is also forbidden to learn yoga for those who have acute and chronic diseases, mental disorders, heart and blood diseases, infectious lesions of the musculoskeletal system, severe head injuries and those with spinal cord injuries.

Doctors also do not deny the benefits of doing yoga. On the contrary, they believe that yoga is useful if you do all the exercises under the supervision of a good instructor. In order to deliver the results of yoga and to have a positive effect on health, it should be done not as fitness, but as a system of treatment. Therefore, you have to change the perception of governance, nutrition, behaviour and environment of the day.

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