These mistakes become the cause of urine infection in women

In the rainy and summer days, it is common to have problems with infection. But during this time, women also have problems of UTI i.e. urinary tract infection. It has become common in today's time. In this problem, there is a risk of infection of the urine pathway, the main reason is to use a toilet where there is no cleaning. Women become prone to infections in the rain. So you have to take care in every way. But if there is such a problem, relief can be found by drinking more water. Along with this, many mistakes of women also cause this problem. Know about them

UTI is caused by these mistakes of women

-  Not peeing for a long time

- Taking less liquid

- Taking more coffee and alcohol

- Stop taking antibiotics

- Not keeping cleanliness during periods

- Not cleaning the private part after going to urine

- Long-term use of the same pad

Symptoms of UTI

- Going to the toilet frequently
- Burning and Smelling in Urine
- Change in colour of urine
- Pain while passing stool
- Occasionally blood stool
- Severe lower abdominal pain
- Chills and high fever
- Severe backache
- Fatigue and dizziness

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