Recipe: Seviyan can be prepared even without milk, know the new dish!

Sep 06 2019 05:28 PM
Recipe: Seviyan can be prepared even without milk, know the new dish!

You must have made milk vermicelli, but have you ever made Sevaiyaa without milk. Many people think that it cannot be made without milk. But we are going to tell you such a recipe with which you can make Sevaiyaa without milk. Milk Sevaiyaa is also made sweet and the way to make it is also very easy. Many times we feel like eating something sweet after dinner, then you can make it. Sevaiyaa without milk is one such sweet dish that you can eat after eating. Know the recipe here.

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Sevaiyaa - 1½ cups
Sugar - ½ cup
Ghee - 2 tablespoons
Cashew chopped - 8-10
Almonds - 8-10
Cardamom - 4

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To make Sevaiyaa without milk, first cut cashews and almonds into pieces.

Now put a pan on the gas and add ghee to it and let it heat up. When the ghee gets hot, add Sevaiyaa and fry till it becomes light brown. Now add chopped almonds and cashews to it and fry them lightly. When it fry lightly, take it out in a dry plate.

Now for this, we will make syrup and for this take a deep bottom pot and add water to it. When the water boils, add sugar to it and cook it while stirring occasionally until the sugar dissolves completely. When the sugar dissolves, add roasted Sevaiyaa to it and cover it with a lid.

Let it cook on medium heat for five minutes. After this add cardamom powder and mix it well while stirring. Then cook for five minutes while stirring. After this, turn off the gas and cover the Sevaiyaa.

Non-milk Sevaiyaa is ready. Take it out in a serving bowl and serve hot.

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