You will get rid of acidity immediately; follow these tips!

Sep 05 2019 05:28 PM
You will get rid of acidity immediately; follow these tips!

Acidity is such a problem that every person does not come in the grip of it sometimes. Spicy food, empty stomach tea, drinking coffee and eating fried fried foods cause acidity. If there is acidity, then the person gets upset and starts taking various medicines to avoid it. When a time of eating is not determined, then the person is a victim of acidity. In this health problem, the lower part of the throat, which is called oesophagus in medical language, suffers from burning and pain.

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Today, we are telling you some home remedies to avoid acidity which is really very beneficial. Stay away from caffeine-rich substances If you are often prone to acidity, then you should avoid caffeine-rich substances like tea and coffee.

Eat one apple on an empty stomach
Eating an apple on an empty stomach is not less than any nectar for acidity patients. Try it one day, you will see the result yourself. Apples contain a large number of minerals, nutrients, polyphenols, and flavonoids which prevent acid from forming in the stomach. If you do not like the apple, you can also cut it into small pieces and eat it with curd. Eat-in a little while, being hungry for a long time causes acidity.

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Drink water by adding mint or fennel
There is no acidity, so we need to be careful at every step. So keep in mind that you have to drink boiled or filtered water only. When it is a mint season, add some of its leaves in boiled water and drink slowly after the water cools down. Apart from this, boil fennel in water and after cooling it sieve and drink.

Radish provides instant relief
Radish is one such thing which relieves acidity immediately. If you are having acidity then eat black salt and black pepper in radish, you will be relaxed in no time. If you want, you can also eat Triphala powder in radish.

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