If you have diarrhea then these 4 effective home remedies will come in handy

Diarrhoea is a common problem in today's time. In such a situation, if it happens, it becomes difficult to sit in one place. However, you can get relief from it by trying out some home remedies. Today we are going to tell you about the same recipes that you can get relief from diarrhoea.

Salt sugar solution- Consumption of salt sugar solution can remove the weakness caused by diarrhoea. And it is also very helpful in preventing diarrhoea. To try this remedy, prepare a solution of salt and sugar in equal amounts of water and drink it in a short time. This will help you overcome the lack of water in your body.

Lemon juice- Lemon juice is very helpful in cleaning the intestines. And it can help a lot in preventing your diarrhoea. However, for this, you have to add lemon juice to a cup of water and consume it three times a day i.e. morning, afternoon, and evening. By the way, many people also have the problem of dysentery or bloody dysentery with diarrhoea, so it can prove to be very helpful in that.

Cumin water - Boil one teaspoon of cumin seeds in 1 litre of water and then cool it down. Keep in mind that you have to boil water until it is boiled and reduced to half. After that, consume it in small quantities. This is a very good way to prevent diarrhoea.

Banana- Potassium is found in abundance in bananas. This makes up for the lack of potassium electrolytes, which are reduced due to frequent diarrhoea.

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