Homemade Anti Aging Face Packs and Face Masks to Fight Aging Signs

Apr 15 2019 06:35 PM
Homemade Anti Aging Face Packs and Face Masks to Fight Aging Signs

1 Carrots and banana pack to reduce the wrinkles on the skin

This is one of the best home remedy to treat the wrinkles on the face and facial scars. Carrots and banana are rich sources of vitamins and minerals which helps in skin tightening and removes wrinkles.


1 carrot

1 banana


Grind the carrot and make it into a thick paste.

Mash the banana.

Mix both of them in the form of a thick fine paste.

Apply it on the face as a mask and let it dry for 20 minutes.

Later wash it off with lukewarm water.

2 Honey and lemon face pack to revoke the signs of aging

Honey is a natural moisturizer and is the best solution for many skin problems. It helps the skin by maintaining the moisture levels and never make it dry. It helps in lightening the facial wrinkle marks on the forehead and under the eyes. It soothes the skin. Lemon maintains the pH levels and gives us a healthy glowing skin.


1 tbsp of honey

1 tsp of lemon juice


Mix both the above ingredients in a bowl.

Clean your face and pat it with a towel and then apply this paste on the face.

Massage it for 5 minutes and let it dry for 20 minutes.

Later wash it off with water.

3 Avocado, green tea and curd face pack to treat aging skin

Avocado is rich in anti-oxidants which helps in reducing age spots and it has monounsaturated fat that helps in the reduction of fat. It helps in the increase of the formation of collagen. This prevents wrinkles and aging. Yogurt helps in moisturizing the skin, prevent premature aging, reduces skin discoloration, sunburns and so on. Green tea also helps to slow down the process of aging when consumed internally.


1 avocado

4 to 5 spoons of strong green tea

1 tbsp of sour curd


Mash the avocado and add curd and green tea to it and make it into a fine paste.

Apply the paste on your face and neck.

Let it dry for 30 minutes and later wash it off with water.

For best results, apply this pack for at least four to five times a week.

4 Carrots and potato face mask avoid aged look

Carrots are a very good source of vitamin A that helps in the production of collagen. Increase in the production of collagen prevents wrinkles on the face and regains the elasticity of the skin. Potato make the skin smooth and reduces wrinkles.


1 carrot

a pinch of turmeric powder

1 potato

a pinch of baking soda


Boil the carrot and potato.

Mash them smooth and add turmeric powder and baking soda.

Mix them well into a smooth paste.

Apply the paste on the face and leave it for 20 minutes.

Wash your face with lukewarm water.

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