Homemade fruit sandwiches for kids, will love it a lot.


You must make a fruit sandwich once. It is not very difficult to make and it will be eaten by everyone in your house from kids to elders. We are sure that everyone will like it and everyone will eat it with great gusto. So let's know how to make fruit sandwich.

Ingredients for making Fruit Sandwich-

Bread Slice – 5
Chopped Mango - 1
Apple chopped - 1
Grapes – 8-10
Cream - 1 tsp
Jam - 1 tbsp (3-4 varieties can be taken)
Walnut Powder

How to make Fruit Sandwich- To make Fruit Sandwich, first take a bread slice and cut all its edges. Now take four types of jam and keep them in separate bowls. After this take a bread slice and apply cream all around it. Now take 4 bread slices and apply different types of jam on them. Now cut mango and apple into pieces. After that take all the fruits and place pieces of different fruits on each jammed bread. Now take one fruit bread and place two other jam and fruit laden breads on top of it. After this, while placing the bread slices one on top of the other, keep the cream bread in the middle and after that, keep the bread slice without fruit on top. Now take an aluminum foil and wrap the fruit sandwich in it. Now after this keep the sandwich in the fridge for half an hour and after the stipulated time take out the fruit sandwich from the fridge and cut it in the middle and serve it for breakfast.

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