Make Nail paint easily at home, know how

In the era of coronavirus, there is a fear of buying anything from outside. So far, the first and second waves of corona have made people feel better and now the third wave has come. At present, women imprisoned in their homes are not even able to use beauty products, while some people imprisoned in their homes are seen doing creativity. While at home, many women have used natural things in the option of skincare and hair products. But have you ever made nail polish at home? Today we are going to tell you the whole method of making nail polish at home. If you apply homemade nail paint, you will benefit greatly and you will also avoid corona infection. Knowing how to make nail polish at home is very easy and simple. Yes, whenever you feel that you want to use the nail paint of a new shade, you can quickly make fresh nail polish at home. Let's explain what is required to make nail polish at home.

Materials for making nail paint at home-

-50 g jaggery - 1 tsp mehndi/mehndi powder - Clove

How to Make Nail Polish- Grind the most jaggery block well to make nail polish so that it becomes a complete powder. Now then place this powder in a bowl and make a little space in the middle and put cloves in it. Then place another bowl on top and place it on the gas to heat it. Then leave some steam out of it for about 10 minutes, which will turn into water in no time. Now you can then add the henna powder to this water mixture, then apply a coat on the nails, use cotton balls to use it.

Now you can easily make Matar Chaat at home.

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