Use this homemade skin moisturizer for better facial care, know here

Nov 14 2019 10:11 AM
Use this homemade skin moisturizer for better facial care, know here

Often in winter, the skin needs special care, the skin becomes dry and starts to crack when dry. Dry skin is common during the winter season. But if you do not remove the roughness of the skin in time, then blood starts coming out of the skin many times. So in the winter season, you should use the Homemade Moisturizer mentioned below. By using these homemade moisturizers, the skin will remain moist and the skin will not break.

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Coconut oil moisturizer: Coconut oil is considered to be effective for the skin and applying it on the skin makes the skin very soft. Moisturizing can also be prepared with coconut oil and by applying this moisturize you can have beautiful and impeccable skin.

How to prepare: To prepare coconut moisturizer, coconut oil and almond oil will be needed. First of all, add almond oil inside coconut oil and mix both of them well. Put them on the gas. Leave this mixture on the gas for 2 minutes and then turn off the gas. After this, you fill it in a box and apply it on your face daily.

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Apple Moisturizer: Many types of vitamins and minerals are found inside the apple, which are considered to be good for the skin. Apples can be used as a natural moisturizer and by applying it, soft skin can be found.

How to make: To make an apple moisturizer, you will need 2 apples, olive oil and rose water. Peel the apple well and take out its seeds. Then blend it and make a paste. Then put this paste inside the pan and keep this pan on a low flame. You heat it for 3 minutes and then turn off the gas and cool the paste.

After the paste cools, add a little rose water and olive oil to it. The moisturizer is ready and you can put it in the box. Use this moisturizer of apples every night before you go to sleep. By applying this moisturizer on the face, the dead skin cells will be removed and the face will become very soft.

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