Honda Motor REACTS over HYUNDAI'S  Kashmir tweet
Honda Motor REACTS over HYUNDAI'S Kashmir tweet

Late Tuesday evening, Honda Motor Company, the parent company of Honda Car India, published a comment in response to a tweet about the "fight for independence in Kashmir" sent by a "independently-owned dealer" in Pakistan. Honda Motor Company distanced itself from the tweet, stating that company policy prohibits it from commenting on race, politics, religion, or social concerns in any region of the world.

After receiving widespread outrage in India over the stated tweet, the company issued a statement through its Honda Car India Twitter account. "Any statement contrary to this effect by any colleague, dealer, or shareholder is not in keeping with its policy," the company said of the social media posts.

"Any harm caused to this effect is regretted," the business said, emphasising its commitment to complying with the laws and emotions of any nation in which it works. Honda followed the likes of Suzuki Motor, Kia, and Hyundai Motor in distancing itself from 'unauthorised' social media posts by dealers in Pakistan and apologised for hurting feelings in India. The Kashmir-related tweets from Hyundai, Kia, and Suzuki stores in Pakistan, as well as non-automotive businesses such as Pizza Hut, KFC, and others, sparked a rapid and strong outrage in India, with netizens demanding for a boycott.

The subject was also brought up in the Rajya Sabha, when Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal acknowledged that the Indian government had pressed Hyundai for a stronger reaction after the company made a statement on Sunday. Following that, the parent business issued a statement reiterating that Hyundai Motor India has no ties to the alleged Pakistani distributor. 

The Indian government also summoned the South Korean foreign minister, who made a statement saying he "regretted the injury" caused to the Indian people and government by the aforementioned social media post.

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