Honda will launch all its cars in electric variant by 2020
Honda will launch all its cars in electric variant by 2020

With the rising fuel prices and pollution, all automobile companies are focusing on electric vehicles. In the Frankfurt Motor Show running in Germany, many companies have introduced a magnificent range of electric vehicles.

In view of this, Honda Cars have also said that in the European market all its cars will be launched in the electric option. This announcement was made by Honda at the same event. 

Takahiro Hachigo, president, and CEO of the company, at the conference, said that we have seen how the electric vehicles are moving forward in European markets and their prices are also higher than other places.

Honda believes that Europe is a better place to launch hybrid and electric cars. Honda has also introduced two cars at the Frankfurt Motor Show. 

These cars were made with the use of Dual Motor Power Train which has been given compact multimode mode. This includes single fixed gear ratio transmission too.

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