Horrific Crime Uncovered: Man Murdered by Wife and In-Laws, Body Buried
Horrific Crime Uncovered: Man Murdered by Wife and In-Laws, Body Buried

Muzaffarpur: In a disturbing incident, a young man visiting his in-laws was allegedly murdered by his wife and in-laws in the Gai Ghat police station area of Muzaffarpur, Bihar. Following the killing, the perpetrators buried the body in a nearby field.

The shocking episode unraveled when women grazing goats noticed a dog digging in the area, leading to suspicions due to the stench of a decomposing corpse. Local residents, prompted by the discovery, unearthed the buried body. Upon receiving the information, the police arrived at the scene to recover the body. The deceased was identified as Chandan Kumar Singh, a resident of Lavani village in the Jhanjharpur police station area of Madhubani district. The police took custody of the body and sent it for a post-mortem examination. The body was found in the field belonging to the deceased's father-in-law.

Chandan Kumar Singh had married Manisha Kumari, the daughter of Mithilesh Singh in Baruari village, eight years ago. His wife had returned to her parents' home during the Chhath festival, and Chandan, who had two sons, visited his in-laws on the evening of November 25. He went missing the next day, prompting the filing of a missing person report at the police station.

The deceased's father, Chandan Kumar Singh, mentioned that his son had been working as an MR in Delhi. His wife, Manisha Kumari, had been residing in Muzaffarpur with their child in a rented house for the last seven months.

The police arrested the deceased's wife and one brother-in-law, while another brother-in-law remains at large. Authorities stated that all three, along with additional accomplices, were involved in the murder. The wife and the arrested brother-in-law have reportedly confessed to the crime. The investigation is ongoing.

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