This haunted mobile number that's going viral on social media, led to many deaths!

Aug 07 2019 08:08 PM
This haunted mobile number that's going viral on social media, led to many deaths!

You may have seen several special mobile numbers that people buy at their wish. At times, however, these special numbers are full for you. But the special number we are going to tell you today is not worth it but because of your work. Because this number brings death bells and has killed many people. You may be surprised to hear, but let's tell you, this is the ghost number you know about it.

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Actually, it is a mobile number that anyone who bought died. There is a lot of discussion on social media about this ghost mobile number. The mobile number is said to have brought many deaths so far. This is not the first incident, but three such incidents have taken place so far. This number has so far been bought by three people who died. Since then, it has been in the discussion and people are surprised to know about it.

The case is of Bulgaria. The number was first bought by the CEO of The Mobytel Company. The company's CEO, Vladimir Gesgov, brought 0888888888 this number. In 2001, Vladimir died of cancer. The rumour of death from cancer was spread by his enemies, while the real cause of death was something else. According to reports from some media institutions, he became an enemy of his mobile number. Now there's no specific information about what's really true now.

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After Vladimir took the mobile number by a well-known drug dealer named Dimitrov, Dimitrov was killed by an Assasin in 2003. After Dimitrov's death, the number was bought by Disliv, a Bulgarian businessman. After taking the number, Disliv was also killed in 2005 in the Bulgarian capital Sofia.

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