Peacock Never Makes Physical Relationship, Know other Interesting Facts!
Peacock Never Makes Physical Relationship, Know other Interesting Facts!

The peacock is our national bird which is quite beautiful too. Everyone knows about it, but there are certain things you may not know. But do you know peacocks don't ever make physical relationships? Today we're going to tell you some interesting facts about peacocks that you won't even know about it.

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* The peacock remains celibate for life. The tears that come from it, peahen kisses them and gets pregnant. The peacock never ties up with Peahen.

* The peacock feather was planted by Lord Krishna because he is celibate. The saints also, therefore, use peacock feathers. Similarly, there are so many properties inside the cow that it should be declared a national animal.

* On January 26, 1963, the peacock was declared a national bird by the Government of India.

* Apart from India, the national bird of 'Myanmar' is also a peacock.

* The peacock has a beautiful crust like a crown on its head.

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* The peacock is a panoramic and eats insects, flowers, seeds, small rodents and lizards. It eats harmful insects, so it is also called a good friend of the farmers.

* Peacock (male bird), is more beautiful, colourful and brighter than Peahen (a female bird) 

* The peacock is a very big bird with large wings, but it cannot fly too high or long distances.

* Peacocks can survive up to the age of twenty.

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* A herd consists of 6 to 10 peacocks in a herd that the peacock prefers to live in herds.

* Peacock dance is a famous dance. Peacock dance is done in groups.

* Peacocks stretch their wings when they dance. At this time, they look extremely beautiful.

* The sound of peacocks is not very sweet.

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* Peacock feathers are used to make purses, jackets and many beautiful things.

* In India, there is a total ban on hunting of peacocks. It is fully protected under the Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.

* In Hindu society, peacocks also have religious significance. The ride of Kartikeya, the son of Lord Shiva, is a peacock.

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