Birth Anniversary Special: Even After 4 Marriages, Kishore Kumar Felt Loneliness!

Aug 04 2019 06:00 AM
Birth Anniversary Special: Even After 4 Marriages, Kishore Kumar Felt Loneliness!

It is the birthday of Kishore Kumar, a famous Bollywood singer and actor. You all know that Kishore Kumar, because of his singing, has gained a lot of popularity, but he was a rich artist of versatility. Yes, Kishore Kumar did everything related to the film and as an actor, he did not lag behind in comedy. He also made films and directed in addition to singing and acting, but now he is not in this world. Kishore Kumar was born on August 4, 1929, in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh, and his childhood name was Abhas Kumar Ganguly.

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Kishore's father, Kunjlal Ganguly, a large advocate and mother Gauri Devi, belonged to a wealthy family and his family of four siblings was very happy. Kishore Kumar, when he was young, was said to have become a famous actor and the only dream of the boy, Abhas, was that he wanted to earn more money from his brother Ashok Kumar and sing like his favourite Singer's El Sehgal.

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Wanted to sing. After completing his graduation from Indore, Kishore Kumar moved to his elder brother Ashok Kumar in Mumbai. He started singing the chorus for Bombay Talkies and in 1948, in the musical direction of Khemchand Prakash for the film 'Ziddi', Kishore Kumar sang his first song, "Marne Ki Due Kyu Maangu..."

From then on, Kishore Kumar's journey to success began and he became popular. When he got married, Kishore Kumar had four marriages. Yes, Kishore Kumar got her first marriage at the age of 21 and became his first wife- the famous Bengali film actress and singer Ruma Guha Thakurta. She then married Bollywood actor Madhubala in 1960, and after the wedding, Kishore Kumar converted because Madhubala belonged to a Muslim family. Kishore Kumar changed his name to Karim Abdullah for the wedding!

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Madhubala passed away on February 23, 1969, followed by Kishore Kumar, who married Bollywood actor Yogita Bali in 1976. The marriage lasted only two years and two years after Yogita divorced from Bali, Kishore Kumar married Bollywood actor Lena Chandravarkar in 1980. Lena is said to be 21 years younger than Kishore Kumar and was only two years older than her son Amit Kumar, but both of them got married. Lena stayed with her until 1987, until Kishore Kumar survived. He is said to have felt lonely even after four marriages.

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