Every Second Sun diminishes in weight that too 50 Million Tons, Read Interesting Facts!

Aug 04 2019 05:55 PM
Every Second Sun diminishes in weight that too 50 Million Tons, Read Interesting Facts!

You live in the heat of the sun that illuminates the world, but you don't know about it. Today we're going to tell you some specific things about it. There are a few things about it that can surprise you.  We're going to give you some interesting sun-related facts that are hard to believe. Let us know about those facts.

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- Sun group weighs 99.24%.

- Every second the weight of the sun is reduced to 50 million tons.

- The Sun is a gasball it has 72% Hydrogen, 26% Helium and 2% Carbon & Oxygen and the rest part is made up of many heavy elements such as oxygen, carbon, iron and nione.

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- The outer surface temperature of the sun is 5500 degrees Celsius, while the interior temperature is 1.31 million degrees Celsius.

- Since Sun was born, it has only cut the milky galaxy 20 times. It takes 25 million years to complete a detour.

- Norwegian Monoloital is an area where the sun shines for 3 and a half months in a row.

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- The 10 million (1013) neutrons left by Sun are passing through your body whenever you're reading this fact every night.

- If the size of the sun is as much as a football and Jupiter's golf hair is reduced to less than a pea.

- Light takes 8 minutes 17 seconds to come to Earth from Suraj.

- If you live on the surface of the sun, you must have an initial speed of 618 km per cent of the rocket you need to land on earth.

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