Hot video of Monalisa and Pawan Singh viral, so many views found!

Jun 22 2019 06:18 PM
Hot video of Monalisa and Pawan Singh viral, so many views found!

Hindi film industry Bhojpuri Actress Monalisa has started her career with a small screen. The TRP had soared after Monalisa, who cast her looks in 'Big Boss', came on the show. After the reality show, Monalisa received many good offers on the small screen.

In the past, Mona made her mark as Mohna from the role of Dayan in the house. Monalisa is not appearing on the show these days but she is set to return to the show soon. Monalisa is associated with her fans on social media. Fans also like to have a lot of likes on her photos.

Monalisa sizzles much in hot pants; fans become uncontrollable!

A video of Monalisa with Pawan Singh on social media is going viral in a tremendous way these days. This is a video of a comedy scene from Pawan Singh and Monalisa, which has been viewed more than 2 million times on YouTube so far. Monalisa started her career with Bhojpuri films. Monalisa was married to her co-star Bhojpuri Actor Vikrant Singh Rajput. Monalisa is currently in the news because of her new role and her look.

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For your information, Monalisa is seen in a serial Dayan role these days, from her long braid to her make-up, her every style she likes fans. The show features beautiful dupattas with Monalisa Dayan suits. During an interview, she spoke that she had 800 dupattas. She does shopping for the dupatta wherever she goes.

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