Why bats dindn't die due to 'corona'?
Why bats dindn't die due to 'corona'?

Beijing: There are many questions in the minds of all people regarding the coronavirus which has killed thousands of people. There is also a question as to why the corona-spreading bats themselves do not die from this virus? Now it has been revealed in a research. The virus needs a special host to enter an animal from humans and spread itself as much as possible.

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Most of the characteristics that are required for a virus to thrive and spread are found in bats. This is why the coronavirus in bats continues to thrive and mutations. Any animal has certain characteristics that are required for it to become an intermediate host of a virus. In which the coronavirus lives and by constantly changing itself, it can make itself more deadly.

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Interferon response within bats is very strong. Due to this, the coronavirus is unable to rapidly replicate inside bats. Now, because there is no strong immune response inside the bats, this reduces the chances of severe lung damage (fatal damage to the lungs) inside the bats. Because his lungs and body are not so swollen that he has trouble breathing due to corona. This is why the corona cannot harm the bats.

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