How long are platform tickets valid?
How long are platform tickets valid?

Platform tickets are a convenient option for individuals who want to accompany their loved ones or friends to the train platform without actually boarding the train themselves. These tickets serve a specific purpose and come with their own set of guidelines and regulations, including their validity period.

Validity Duration

Platform tickets typically have a short validity duration. They are usually valid for a limited period of time, allowing individuals to access the platform and wait for the arrival or departure of a train. However, it's important to note that the validity period can vary depending on the policies of the specific railway station or the country's railway authority.

Common Validity Periods

In many cases, platform tickets remain valid for 30 minutes or one hour from the time of purchase. This duration is usually sufficient for individuals to see off or receive someone at the platform without inconveniencing other passengers or causing congestion.

Importance of Validity Periods

The specified validity period for platform tickets serves several purposes:

  • Regulating Access: Limiting the validity duration helps railway authorities regulate access to the platforms and ensures that only ticketed passengers or individuals with valid platform tickets are present on the platform at any given time.
  • Preventing Congestion: Short validity periods help prevent overcrowding on platforms, especially during peak hours. By restricting the time allowed for non-passengers to remain on the platform, congestion is reduced, making it easier for passengers to navigate and board trains.
  • Revenue Collection: Setting a time limit encourages individuals to purchase platform tickets for the duration they require, thus contributing to the revenue generated by the railway authorities.


Railway staff, including ticket inspectors and security personnel, monitor platform access and ensure compliance with ticketing regulations. They may conduct random checks or request individuals to present their tickets for inspection to ensure that everyone on the platform has a valid reason to be there. Platform tickets are valid for a limited duration, typically ranging from 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the railway station's policies. These tickets allow individuals to access the platform to see off or receive passengers without boarding the train. The enforcement of validity periods helps regulate platform access, prevent congestion, and ensure compliance with ticketing regulations.

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